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Position TitleJob NumberJob DescriptionPay Scale
Substitute Food Service Helper18-100

Assist in preparing and serving food for student meals.

EFFECTIVE:                       ASAP


DEADLINE:                         on-going

$10.40 per hour, no benefits
Part-Time Food Service Helper/Cashier18-107

Assist in preparing and serving food for student meals

(4 hours per day, 9:15-1:45)

                           LOCATIONS:     Senior High School

                                                      1799 Lehigh Station Road

                                                      Henrietta, NY 14467

                           EFFECTIVE:      ASAP


                           DEADLINE:        Until filled


$10.40 per hour, no benefits
Full-Time Cook Manager, School-Year Position18-110R

Responsible for the operation of the Senior High School food services unit.  Duties include: Supervising food service helpers, cashiers, and cooks, delegating responsibilities, conducting daily morning meetings, cooking and monitoring food preparation, promoting School Food nutritional standards, monitoring meal service by ensuring portion control and conservation of the nutritional values of food, recordkeeping including Food Production Record Book, Inventory Book and cash handling documents, directing the storage and care of food and supplies, adhering to all HACCP and food safety guidelines

LOCATION:          Senior High School

                              1799 Lehigh Station Rd.

                               Henrietta, NY 14467

SALARY:               Based on related experience, plus full-time benefits

EFFECTIVE:           April 2018


DEADLINE:            Until Filled

Part-Time Food Service Helper18-122

Assist in preparing and serving food for student meals

Monday - Friday (10:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.)

LOCATIONS:       Winslow Elementary School

                             755 Pinnacle Rd, Henrietta 14467



DEADLINE:          until filled



$10.40 per hour, no benefits

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